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Laos Pages - Laos photos and travelogues

Welcome to my Laos Pages. They result from my trips 1998 (north), 2002 (south) and 2102 (up the Nam Ou to Vietnam).  With my travelogues and Laos photo galleries I would like to give you an impression of what individual travel in Laos is about. Some key facts about the political and economical situation in the country as well as practical information including travel infos from my recent trips you can find here.

Now the Nam Ou River Gallery is online. See my photos of the trip up the Nam Ou River to the Vietnamese border.

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This page is about backpacking adventures in Laos and you can find travelogues and Laos photos, Pakse, Attapeu, Champasak, 4000 islands, Mekong Falls, border Laos Cambodia, history of Laos, Don Khong, Don Det, Don Khone, Veung Kham, Muang Khiaw, Muang Ngoi, Nam Ou.